Betta Fish: The Easiest Fish To Take Care Of

//Betta Fish: The Easiest Fish To Take Care Of

Betta Fish: The Easiest Fish To Take Care Of

Male betta fish are a popular choice for fish-owners world-wide. This is not just because they are beautiful to look at and have vibrant personalities, but also because they are easy to care for. Some might believe that plopping them in a bowl is all they need to live, but are you actually providing for them a high-quality life? We say no. Here, we are going to go over the bare-minimum things you can easily provide your betta fish in order to help ensure they are well taken care of and will live a happy, long life!

  1. House them in a least a 5-gallon tank

This is perhaps the most important note we are going to make in this blog. Betta’s are solitary creatures, meaning that they are happiest being on their own. Contrary to what you might believe, they aren’t lonely in their space, but it is possible that they will get bored.

Would you like to be in a confined space, or would you rather have a little more room to stretch your legs? We’d like to think the second option too! Male betta fish are extremely territorial creatures, hence the need for them to have their own tank. They would, however, be much happier in a tank that is at least 5 gallons in size. This gives them the adequate space to move around, explore, and have a territory to call their own! Although it has grown rather big in today’s culture for some to have tiny bowls as their tank, we are here to let you know that this is far from being enough. These are pets—those whom’ you adopted to enhance not only your life, but theirs in a loving and considerate home. The bare minimum space we advise putting your betta is in a tank no smaller than 5-gallons.


  1. Add real aquarium plants and hiding places

Now that you have the space, you’d be happy to know that the ball is in your court to spice it up to your liking! What we do advise, however, in making room to put in real aquarium plants and hiding places. A tank full of plants can be quite fun for your betta—much like how a playground would be for us! This leaves a lot of room for them to slip into smaller and larger spaces, overall enhancing their happiness and keeping them active. If taking care of real plants is too much, we advise only using soft artificial plants as to make sure they don’t get caught and tear at your pet’s fins.

Like an introvert, this solitary fish like to have a shadowy place where they can hide out should they like to feel more alone and safer. You can place a log of sorts at the bottom for them to hide away in. It helps them exercise their natural instincts. If not this, they will certainly use the plants for this purpose.


  1. Organic Beneficial Bacteria and Slime Coat Conditioner

There is no better thing for your tank than beneficial bacteria. As we like to say, the Microbe-Lift/Special Blend is an ecosystem in a bottle. In applying the appropriate dosage per the instructions on the label, it’ll help break down organic waste so your little friend is left swimming in a clear, odor-free home. It will also biologically reduce nitrates, break down excessive proteins, and is of great help with ammonia & nitrite reduction. There is no other product that provides all these abilities in one bottle! Your betta deserves nothing less than the best—and that is the all-natural stuff.

A slime coat conditioner is a helpful additive for your pet’s in order to keep them relaxed and happy. Our Microbe-Lift/Exotic Betta Care contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, slime coat conditioners, and emollients for fin and skin conditioning. The conditioner is made out of aloe vera—studies show that this ingredient has a significant effect in reducing cortisol, which is the primary stress hormones, while also making to be a gentle slime coat protector. A happier betta, happier life!


  1. Entertainment & Enrichment

You heard us right, even a fish likes to have something that they can play and interact with! It can get pretty boring sitting in the same tank everyday without any enrichment. Do not fret, we are here to recommend some of the bare-minimum best things to have that will entertain your betta.

First, the ping-pond ball. It’s so simple, easily accessible, gentle, and cheap! By plopping this bad boy in to float on the surface, it awakens their hunting instincts to nip. Additionally, you’ll find a lot of amusement as you watch them ‘bop’ at the floating ball for minutes on end. It is an excellent exercise tool, natural instinct sparker, and overall just a fun toy!

Second, a moss ball. Who would’ve thought that vegetation could be so much fun? Betta fish also love to satisfy their hunting urges by nipping at the ball from all angles. Not only this, but it will add a nice splash of color while helping to retain tank bacteria and reduce nitrate levels that can otherwise stress out your fish if the levels get to be too high.

Third is the betta hammock. Funny enough, bettas love to sleep in many different areas, especially close to the surface of the tank on top of vegetation, and in different positions (so don’t get too startled when you see them sleeping on their side!) Shining a light on them being nap-lovers, the betta hammock is a perfect addition to the tank to provide the perfect lounging place and promote relaxation. You’ll smile form ear to ear watching your pet snooze blissfully on their new hang-out spot! Besides, we can all use a time-out when you’re busy flaring your fins and protecting your territory all day! You can easily find a betta hammock, or “betta leaf bed” at your local pet stores or online. Do your research for what you believe will be best for your swimming friend.


  1. Interact with your Betta

Isn’t the whole reason that you adopted your pet is so you can enjoy their company? While they are quite the intelligent little creatures, they likely won’t recognize their name in the way that dogs or cats will. However, Betta’s can become aware of the vibrations of the water when a human speaks, so they may be able to know your voice. Optimize both your happiness by creating a lasting bond with your pet, observing their personality, and paying attention to what they may want and need. A betta’s behavior will always tell you what they’re asking for.

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