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When Microbe-Lift is added to your septic system its biological cultures are activated by the waste matter and immediately starts to restore necessary biological activity within your system. Their biological process helps liquefy, break down and digest (remove) accumulated waste within the entire system (septic tank & drainfields). The bio-process converts waste compounds all the way to (basic elements) carbon dioxide, water and additional new biological workers. Microbe-Lift keeps on working (degrading wastes) long after you put it to work. For optimum results, treat your system every six months. For troubled systems see directions on our packaging.
Large Fountain Clear will prevent organic contaminants from forming (such as crusty white scale deposits, iron, copper and hard water stains). There are two technologies involved in this product. One is that which I first mentioned, and the other is a bio-enzymatic activity to keep water clear and free from the organic debris that can make water cloudy (bird droppings, i.e.). It is recommended to start with a clean surface, perhaps using ML/Soy Based Bird Bath and Statuary Cleaner before refilling the fountain. Rinse and repeat, if necessary. Then, in the established fountain, use Large Fountain Clear weekly to maintain it. Do partial water changes as needed, which will be far less often than without using this product.
You can use it, same dosage rate as the Small Fountain Clear, and it will just last longer than the smaller version. It is the same product just sized differently based on application, but there is no difference is dosage rate.