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It is unlikely that AlgaeFix ® would “sterilize” the pond or aquarium, i.e. kill 100% of the organisms but it can knock out a large portion of them depending on the dosage. In general, if MICROBE-LIFT is being used as directed. it will maintain a healthy pond/ aquarium system, but when other chemical interventions, such as algaecides, are used, you will need to wait at least 3 days before applying MICROBE-LIFT to the pond or aquarium in order for the algaecide to dissipate sufficiently to allow the bacteria to grow. Other algaecides could kill off sufficient quantities of the bacteria and in certain cases, can eliminate all the built up bacteria in the pond/ aquarium. Following that you would need to start with a purge dosage and begin anew to develop the biological ecology and balance of the pond or aquarium.