Pond Cleaner Guide for Dummies: Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer Pond Start-up

//Pond Cleaner Guide for Dummies: Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer Pond Start-up

Pond Cleaner Guide for Dummies: Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer Pond Start-up

Warmer weather is fast approaching, and we know what that means—it’s POND SEASON. With the coming of warm sunshine, and the ice beginning to thaw, you might begin to notice that you can actually see your pond, fish, and plants again. So now what do you do? Don’t panic, we are going to let you know just what you need to easily clean and get your pond up and running again in less than a whole day with our Spring/Summer pond startup checklist. Acting now will not only result in much clearer, transparent water—but the level of happiness and health with your fish will rise exponentially.

Once thawed, it’s time for a Spring cleaning!

Once the frost has long disappeared and your water temperature is sitting at a more comfortable 40F (4.4C), the first easy step is to apply a pond cleaner like Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer Cleaner

It is likely that your pond may have accumulated in debris such as, but not limited to: leaves, twigs, and other dead, organic waste. A quick vacuum or picking them out by hand would likely do the trick for the surface, but what about those pesky organic solids hiding at the bottom? With the use of Spring/Summer Cleaner water-soluble packets, all one needs to do is toss it into the pond according to dosage rate and allow cellulase enzymes and psychrophilic bacteria to do all the work in accelerating the breakdown of accumulated organic waste.


Partial water change to kick-start the season!

Begin by using a pump (if not available, a large bucket will suffice, though will be much more work) to begin your water change. You would like to shoot for a removal of about 30-40% of the old water from over the winter season. We would advise not doing a complete water change, as this will alter your pond’s chemistry.

Once complete, fill your pond back up with new water (using Microbe-Lift/Aqua Xtreme to remove harmful chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals while also replenishing the fish’s natural slime-coat.)


Check for leaks, then start-up your system

Once the water is in, you don’t want it to go out. There is a variety of ways you can check for leaks, but one of the simplest ways is to mark with chalk along the water line and watch carefully if the levels appear to be going down. If all looks well for over an hour, it’s time to get those ‘ol’ gears’ spinning again!

Feel free to turn on your pump and filter system. Should you like to place beneficial bacteria right where you want it, feel free to apply MICROBE-LIFT/Gel Filter Pad Bacterial Inoculant. This product will immediately attach to and colonize on any type of filter media, helping to rapidly institute the biological activity and stabilize your pond’s environment. If you went ahead and cleaned/changed the media on your filter, application will also help restore the necessary activity of the beneficial bacteria.

Want a crystal-clear, odor-free pond? You’ve gotta’ add the stinky stuff!

Our core technology, the Microbe-Lift/PL, is a long-trusted product for over 45 years filled with beneficial, bacillus strain bacteria.

Upon following the addressed dosage rates on the bottle, you will create a cleaner environment for your fish through its capabilities to breakdown organic matter such as fat, protein, and fatty acids. Not only this, but it will help encourage reduction of ammonia levels (nitrification). With even more significant value, it will also help achieve the process of denitrification, or converting nitrate to nitrogen gas—harmlessly releasing at the surface of the pond.


Always have test kits handy

If you care to have a balanced ecosystem, you might want to keep a few test kits handy throughout the duration of the season. MICROBE-LIFT/KH Test Kit for Carbonate Alkalinity will be your best friend to make sure your KH levels are well-balanced. It is important to make sure your KH carbonate levels do not drop below 100ppm, as nitrification will stop and fail. Make sure you are regularly testing your water, especially after the completion of a water change or heavy rain.

Another you can have on hand is the MICROBE-LIFT/5 in 1 Test Strips. These will allow you to check the most important water parameters, including: Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, and pH balance.


Sit back and enjoy!

Now that your pond is all set up and ready to go—we advise that you grab a chair, kick back, and enjoy your beautiful pond to the fullest extent all Spring & Summer. Have a happy 2021 pond season, everyone!

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