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The best application is to shake well and add amount of product indicated on the container for your size pond. It can be put in one spot or spread around the edge of the pond by hand or metered dispenser. The end result will be full coverage of the entire pond, but it will become distributed more quickly in a larger pond if applied to different areas.
The best application is to measure exactly, follow directions on the container label.  It can be pre-mixed in a container of pond water and walked around the pond to prevent hot-spots.  If you have any questions about application, please call before you apply.
Just dab it on or spread it across the entire matting.  It can be applied to lava rock in a bio-upflow filter or dripped over spring-flo.  To help eliminate confusion, it can be applied to filter pads after cleaning for immediate reactivation at the following rates:

80-200 gallons2 oz. per pad application
201-500 gallons3 oz. per pad application
501-1,000 gallons4 oz. per pad application
1,001-5,000 gallons6 oz. per pad application

MICROBE-LIFT products can be administered together, with the exception of ML/ Algaway products. All MICROBE-LIFT bacterial & enzymatic products are compatible with one another. Simply follow the directions for usage on the side of the box for each product you use. They are doing different jobs in the pond.

MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products are formulated to work together for the cleanest pond water and healthiest fish and plants. Basically there is no potential for overdose, as it is a beneficial and non-toxic bacteria. However if excess product is added, it becomes less cost effective to the consumer. When there is more bacteria added to the pond than needed, the excess will starve and die off.

The one problem associated with overdosing bacteria, other than economics, is that if there is a lot of organic buildup when you overdose, you can stimulate too much activity and associated oxygen demand, depleting the water of adequate oxygen to support the fish.

Simply add the additional bacteria amount when you realize the mistake. If you didn’t add enough in the initial purge dosage the bacteria will begin working, but will take much longer to show the desired effects. It works a lot better if you use as directed.
Yes, we recommend that you turn off the UV light for a 48-72-hour period after the initial application and for 24-48 hours after each subsequent application. This is when the organisms are growing most rapidly and when they are the most sensitive to the UV light.
MICROBE-LIFT should be used as is and not tampered with. The bacteria are grown in the container it is sold in, and by attempting to dilute it could upset the balance of equilibrium in the bottle and jeopardize the remainder rather than extend it. It will dilute out the inhibitor so the remaining product will no longer be preserved.
It is best applied by pouring it by hand, or metering dispenser, but it can also be applied by a sprayer. A low pressure garden sprayer will not harm the bacteria and if it is easier to apply over a large area like this, the user can do that. However, it should be a coarse spray and not a fine spray that would produce a lot of aerosols.