Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Liquid)

///Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Liquid)

Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Liquid)


Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Liquid)

The finest septic tank product available…Period!

Keeps your septic system free-flowing

Dramatically reduces odors

MICROBE-LIFT full spectrum anaerobic bacteria is manufactured under a proprietary process which has been verified by independent laboratory tests to contain the highest levels of anaerobic bacteria.  All bacteria contained in this product are derived from 100% natural sources.


  • Septic solids (sludge) must be pumped out periodically
  • Anaerobic bacteria must be replenished due to the bacteria-killing products used in the household
  • Microbe-lift restores and boosts the necessary bio-enzymatic action in your system improving overall performance.

Microbe-Lift’s 100% fully matured anaerobic bacteria goes to work in situations where there is no air present (your septic system). It is harmless to man, animal, and plant life, and is 100% safe to groundwater.

  • Guaranteed to Digest Grease, Fats, Oils and Tissues
  • Improves System Performance


  • Lateral Lines
  • Holding Tanks
  • Distribution Boxes

Non-Toxic, Non-Pathogenic & Non-CAUSTIC