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All septic systems require biological action to break down, digest and purify organic waste matter that accumulate in septic tanks and drainfields. Unfortunately, “for the poor friendly microbes,” many household compounds harm the natural biological processes within tanks and drainage fields. The loss or reduction of these necessary biological workers may lead to failure or loss of system performance and result in costly maintenance, repair and odor.
Microbe-Lift is a blend of highly specialized “SAFE” microbrial cultures. Microbe-Lift’s highly active bio-consortium was designed specifically to restore the necessary biological function within your entire waste system (tank, lines and drainfields).
When Microbe-Lift is added to your septic system its biological cultures are activated by the waste matter and immediately starts to restore necessary biological activity within your system. Their biological process helps liquefy, break down and digest (remove) accumulated waste within the entire system (septic tank & drainfields). The bio-process converts waste compounds all the way to (basic elements) carbon dioxide, water and additional new biological workers. Microbe-Lift keeps on working (degrading wastes) long after you put it to work. For optimum results, treat your system every six months. For troubled systems see directions on our packaging.
NO! Microbe-Lift contains only safe biological cultures (tested for safe use), no chemicals are added. It provides a natural safe biological process, that is non-toxic and safe for all systems and friendly to the environment. The addition of Microbe-Lift to your waste system promotes improved bio-performance and long system life.