It improves the clarity of the water, it reduces ammonia levels, nitrogen levels, reduces noxious odors caused by urine, fecal matter, algae, overfeeding, etc., reduces hydrogen sulfide odors, improves dissolved oxygen level, reduces buildup of bird droppings and organic sediment. All MICROBE-LIFT products are geared toward balancing the pond ecosystem. Some are more directed toward sludge problems, such as ML/Sludge Away, and ML/ Gravel Substrate Cleaner.

No, the dark color from Sludge Away and Gravel Substrate Cleaner are not permanent.  When added to the pond or aqaurium, Sludge Away or Gravel Substrate Cleaner will usually turn the water dark-colored.  The color can take up to 1-2 weeks to dissipate in the pond or 1-2 days in the aquarium but is harmless to plants, fish or other inhabitants and will not harm humans or animals.  The color is due to the type of bacteria necessary to biodegrade the more difficult buildup of debris and sludge.  The bacteria must first solubilize the sludge before it can be biodegraded.  It is the solubilization process which discolors the water.  Depending upon the amount of buildup to be solubilized, the discoloration time will vary.