Why Cat Keeps Peeing Outside Litter Box

//Why Cat Keeps Peeing Outside Litter Box

Why Cat Keeps Peeing Outside Litter Box

Cat waste was found outside the litter box again.

One would think upon getting a cat—how easy! Just like any animal in the world, they need a place to relieve their waste. For fish, it’s inside the confines of the aquarium which eventually requires an occasional water change. For dogs, you need to take them out to the backyard and watch them do circles for twenty minutes before finding the right spot. Cats—simple—they take themselves to the litter box whenever they need it. Seems a piece of cake… right? Sure, that is if Mr. Smiles is even using it to begin with.

So, Mr. Smiles had another accident on your world’s most expensive couch. After trying everything under the sun—sprays to draw your cat in the litter box, placing them inside, begging them to stop, nothing seems to help! Why on earth is he doing this? One would say that sometimes it’s the unfortunate price to pay when you bring a lovable furry cat into your home, but there are usually reasons for this “outside the (litter) box” behavior.


Mom, Can I Get A Little Privacy Over Here?

Any bathroom you ever used usually will come with four closed walls because you don’t exactly want others to be watching you do the doo-ty. Or, perhaps it is a quiet space for even a few moments out of your day to mull over life. Whatever you use the restroom for, most times it’s for some privacy. Get where we’re going with this? If your litter box just happens to be in an area of the house that is high trafficked with humans and other animals alike, it’s quite possible that Mr. Smiles just doesn’t feel comfortable doing his business in the wide open!

So, what are you to do about this? Easy—pick up the litter box and try placing it in a closed off location that people aren’t constantly in and out of. Monitor their behavior going forward and see if this makes for a positive change in their habits.

Perhaps you live in a studio and everywhere is a busy space, try to find a far-off corner and make sure the box has a lid on it. Something as simple as this can go a long way in helping your pet have a sense of security in a time when they are feeling most vulnerable.


If It Isn’t Purrfect, I Don’t Want It!

When you put things into perspective on how we like things, sometimes it’s easy to understand why our animals act the way that they do. We can all be quite particular on where we decide to do our business. If you go into a public restroom and see that one toilet is an absolute disgrace while the other is clean and pristine, which one are you going to choose? We can guarantee it’s going to be the clean bowl!

Sometimes the issue arises of a dirty litter box because (1) the owner needs to clean it out more frequently, or (2) there are too many customers (aka, a lot of cats are using the same facility.) Depending on the issue, there can be two solutions. For issue number one, be more vigilant in keeping an eye on the box and figure when it needs a cleaning. Second, you may need to purchase another litter box to go with the first!

Take a few notes from Jackson Galaxy on how you may be setting up your litter box all wrong, and the key rules to follow to help fix a peeing problem.


Anxious Sprayer

There are a number of reasons why an animal may mark their territory in the house. If they aren’t spayed or neutered, it could be their way of attempting to attract mates inside or outside the home. Even if one having their pet “altered,” this can still occur, although it’s usually less likely.

One of the most common reasons a cat sprays is because of anxiety. Perhaps there is another animal in the home that is bullying them, or there are many other cats in the neighborhood that are infringing on Mr. Smile’s territory—he wants them to know that this is his place and he is here to stay!

Besides spaying/neutering, there is no other way to help with this behavior other than constantly keeping a close eye on your pet. Once you see them squat or lift their leg, interrupt and immediately move them to their litter box.


Sometimes They Just Can’t Help It

Believe that you’ve tried everything under the sun to stop the accidents from happening? Sometimes it’s for reasons entirely out of your cat’s control due to medical conditions. Persistent accidents can be the by-product of a urinary tract infection (UTI), diabetes, kidney disease, or really anything that is making your pet feel uncomfortable.

The only way you can look into this is a trip to the veterinary office. Plan to have a full evaluation with a blood test to know for sure that Mr. Smiles indeed has a clean bill of health.


Use cat eliminate on stains

Next time your cat has an accident on the couch, rug, or any surface–Cat Eliminate will be your saving grace!

Accidents Do Happen, But It Doesn’t Need to Take Over Your Home!

If in the instance your pet does an accident, and we’re sure it won’t be the last time, there is no need to fret over the stain and smell. Microbe-Lift Cat Eliminate has all the fits to naturally eliminates stains and odors that are left by organic waste (which will include feces, urine, vomit, and etc.) It is completely eco-friendly, non-irritating to your pet, and the “saving grace” as we like to call it so your pet isn’t in trouble!

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