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Winter FAQs

The MICROBE-LIFT products, such as the liquid bacteria, will remain viable once they thaw, if frozen.  However, they will lose some viability, about 10%, with each freeze/thaw cycle, so it is better if they do not freeze at all. The bigger problem is excessive heat in storing live bacterial products.  You should be able to store the products in the garage for the winter. The ideal storage temperatures are between 40-105ºF.
MICROBE-LIFT products can be used continuously all year, even if used under the layer of ice. If there is a layer of ice on the pond a heater or de-icer should be used to maintain a hole in the ice for gas exchange. Otherwise stimulating biological activity can be detrimental. If the products are under icy water they will continue to work, however they will not proliferate at the rate they would at 65-70ºF.
A cellar, garage or shed should provide the necessary protection. The ideal storage temperatures are between 40-105ºF.