Just as in the “Hippocratic Oath” which starts “first…do no harm”, Ecological Laboratories’ Mission Statement is “to solve environmental problems in a way that is compatible with natural processes and does not damage the environment in other ways.”

Ecological Laboratories MICROBE-LIFT line of products represents the most environmentally compatible approach to handling common agricultural problems. The reason for this is simple. All waste, particularly organic waste, must be recycled in nature in some way to continually replenish the critical building blocks of life. In nature, most waste matter is recycled by bacteria and fungi.

Ecological’s MICROBE-LIFT line consists of bacterial products, some of which may also contain enzymes and/or vital nutrients to accelerate this natural process. The products contain nothing that is harmful to man, wildlife or the environment.

Animal Odor Eliminators

Dairy Farmers

Equine Odor Eliminator

Hog Farmer

Mosquito Control

Sludge Removal