Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Dry)

///Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Dry)

Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (Dry)


In most microbiology ecosystems, the active unit is not a single bacteria, but rather a combination of two or more types living in close symbiotic relationship. Every single Powder Pack is a special blend of billions of friendly and helpful bacteria and enzymes. Powder Packs will help prevent backups, slow drainage and malodors. Their monthly use will help maintain your system and will bring it to its maximum capacity. MICROBE-LIFT/Powder Packs are a part of a revolution that is occurring in microbiology. The friendly and beneficial bacteria found in them will provide positive effects in the bioremediation of the organic waste in your septic system.

Why Flush A Pre-measured Powder pack?

  • Cuts cost by eliminating the chance of using excess product
  • Eliminates handling and dusting like other powdered products
  • Unique packet material will keep from sticking together in high humidity
  • Dissolves within five minutes after flushing
  • Easy pre-measured packets
  • No safety concern of powder on hands
  • Costs only pennies a day
  • Safe for all pipes and systems
  • Contains no acidics or caustics